Build Phase 4 – Subterranean Heating cooling System

The Subterranean Heating Cooling System (SHCS, also known as a climate battery) essentially takes the warm air from the bioshelter, fans it underground into  a series of pipes warming the soil, or in our case sand.  This creates radiant heat. Throughout my research there were very few examples of people successfully using sand.


After insulating the floor of the bioshelter we added a layer of gravel then landscaping fabric and a layer of sand. To create the SHCS we used a culvert pipe and cut it into four. We drilled holes for the pipes to be connected between the culverts. Following  necessity is the master of invention, we used mini frisbee’s to close the ends of the culvert pipes. Weeping tile was used for the system pipes. Lastly covered with 2′ of construction sand the Subterranean Heating Cooling System is installed. This is our version of the SHCS based on the materials we had available.




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