Build Phase 5 – Framing

With the concrete still wet we placed anchor bolts to attach the floor joists to the foundation. Blueskin was added to provide waterproofing under the floor joists.This may not be the ideal way to do this, but we are experimenting and learning as we go. With some thin insulation that was laying around, we insulated between the floor joists and the concrete, providing an extra bit of insulation from the long, cold winters!

After we had completed the floor joists, we were so excited, thinking easy street from here. Nothing but up now! Boy were we wrong!

By utilizing recycled material, we diverted waste from the landfill and made use of other peoples discards. We bought most of the timber in bulk from farmers. Some were local, some not so local. Regardless it was worth the drive to purchase barn boards at a fraction of the cost of new boards, whilst exploring the surrounding areas where we live. We met some really interesting people and made some new friends along the way. With recycled boards came the stench and grime of the animals they used to house! We spent a good deal of time spray washing and scrubbing the boards. The result….. beautiful barn boards.


The walls were framed on the ground then lifted and bolted onto the anchor bolts. Initially we framed the bioshelter so the roof sloped towards my neighbors back yard. We switched it around with the roof sloping into our own yard. We were concerned about snow loads sliding onto our neighbors shed from the bioshelter roof. It was a bit of a pain, but we were glad we caught it before the framing was complete.


Wood planks were temporarily nailed horizontally to stabilize the frame during the build.


Finally the bioshelter starts to take shape as we build the walls and the roof!


With the windows and doors now framed in, we check to see how well the barrels fit for the aquaponics system. We are a long way from the aquaponics system, but it was great to see how it will all come together. We installed a metal roof for its durability, it sounds great in the rain and enables us to utilize the water run off without asphalt toxins. We got a great deal from a local farmer.


I have a new respect for roofers! Framing above your head is no easy task. Between framing the roof and stapling the Tyvex waterproofing to the building, my arms were extremely sore!


The window and door frames were waterproofed with Blueskin before installation.


After spending every bit of free time we had building over the summer, we managed to complete the building 2 days before the snow came! Now that was close! We were happily exhausted!

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