Canadian International Black Womens Event Award

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It was a great honor, firstly to be nominated and then to be chosen as one of the top 100 most powerful black women in Canada 2016. This has been an incredible journey that started just over a year ago with food forestry. What started out as a tiny seed, this small idea has blossomed into a food forestry and edible trails movement. I had no idea there would be such an incredible response of people willing to donate their time and energy to this cause so close to my heart.






My greatest desire was to create community for dialogue, about local social issues through food. Food is multigenerational and multicultural. Because you can’t possibly know everything about gardening it allows for a unique opportuntiy to teach and to learn.

“each one teach one”.

Permaculturist – Agriculture
When I started my journey I was most concerned about the lack of access to locally grown organic food for the majority of residents in the Waterloo Region, as well as globally.

“If my life is for myself, I don’t want it!” – Bob Marley


“We are delighted to inform you that you have been selected as this years 100 Black Women to Watch Canada 2016. Congratulations. This is a great testimony of the impact you, your work or achievement are having on the people who witness it around you. You should take great pride in that”.


The Keynote speaker this year was one of last years winners and now the most power Black Woman in Canada: Celina Caesar-Chavannes, who went from a research consultant at the time of the event last year to now the “Door to the Justin Trudeau”, the Prime Minister of Canada. Indeed since winning last year, Celina became the newly elected MP for Whitby, then was appointed the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister last fall. You have to go through her to talk to Justin Trudeau in Parliament Hill. What an amazing rise! What an achievement!




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