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Neighbourhood Strategy 
Through the Neighbourhood Strategies the City of Kitchener has supported many grass roots initiatives across Kitchener.

Bioshelter Inspiration 

Given that my bioshelter will have a number of different functions in only 108sq’. Tiny Home designs are inspiring because they are exceptional at utilizing every inch of space available.



Site Prep 

Berms and swales are a great way to capture and hold rain water. Less watering, hence less work and happy rich soil.



Build Phase 1 – Frost Protected Shallow Foundation

Frost Protected Shallow Foundations save time, money and labor.



Bioshelter Sneek Peek


Alaskan Bioshelter

This is one of my favorite bioshelters.  Environmentally sustainable, and  aesthetically beautiful. I can imagine during a blizzard, this room must bring such comfort to the homeowners.



We are the 99%



Build Phase 3 – Rubble Trench

Cement manufacturing requires enormous amounts of energy compared to rubble trenches. They also  bear the structural load and allow proper drainage. Two birds, one stone.



Incredible Edibles and public food


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