As a homeschool parent, the bioshelter has given us a great opportunity to learn the building process with our children. When I started on this journey I realized how little most of us know about the building process. Not necessarily something complicated like a bioshelter, but a simple shed. I had not so much as made a picture frame, before commencing this journey.


50 years ago, most people knew how to change the oil on their vehicle, how to grow vegetables and how to build a small shed. I decided that one of the greatest gifts I could give my children is the knowledge of how to build simple structures and grow their own food. Basic self sufficiency.


As the need for organic food increases, the need to grow our own food becomes more obvious.

FOOD FORESTRY in underutilized green spaces offers a part solution of urban resilience, for access to locally grown organic food. Organic food is expensive, especially for a family of five. We try to buy most of our food at our local farmers market and grow as much as we can.





Who am I… a long time gardener, relearning how to grow food in  a COLD CLIMATE with AQUAPONIC’S in a PASSIVE SOLAR GREENHOUSE. I am interested in sharing permaculture principles through FOOD FORESTRY for food, education, community and commerce.


 Mission… To create a PASSIVE SOLAR GREENHOUSE MODEL THAT CAN BE EASILY REPLICATED by anyone inspired to be self sustaining. TO PROMOTE AND DEMONSTRATE FOOD FORESTRY, raising quail and sustainable water system techniques.


Passion… Inspired to share the idea of ORGANIC FOOD RESILIENCE in public, private and corporate spaces



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  1. Do you meet as a group in the Kitchener area? I would like to hear more about what you are doing and how I could apply some ideas to my property just within the borders of Kitchener. I am trying to convert to all sustainable buildings and farming techniques

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